Best Water Sprinklers for Lawns Reviews of 2019

Tired of watering your home garden, and wish to get the Best Water Sprinklers for Lawns? Then find out the best pick which you can get in the sprinkler category. Here the products have been reviewed based on parameters like efficiency, performance, ease of handling, while the cost comes in the end. We don’t want our readers to compromise with the quality, especially when it comes to electrical appliances!

Among all the 10 Picks listed below, we would suggest the Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler as the #1 Recommendation. If you have got large yard space for watering, then no need to think much – just go for the XT Turbo only. You won’t find anything better than this! They provide the coverage area of 4000 square feet which is indeed a cool number!

Self-Propelled is another type of Sprinklers which are dependent on the hose water pressure. If you have got water supply with high pressure in it, then you must opt for Orbit 58322 Travelling Sprinkler. It is costly compared to the previous model but provides a coverage of an approx. 13,500 square feet! That’s unbelievable! Pressure can do so much to a system, isn’t it?

Our Winners: Best Water Sprinklers for Lawns Reviews

There are many parameters which come into picture while purchasing a Water Sprinkler for Lawns. Cost, features, energy efficiency, and many others! So choosing the right sprinkler gets tough.

Step 1 is to fix a budget, and the second step is to consider the requirements (space to be watered or any other peculiar feature). After you set these two factors, then the selection part will get easy for you. Find out our Top Picks and their reviews in the following section.

#1 Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Watering Sprinkler

Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Watering SprinklerMelnor has been in the industry for more than 70 years now, and this one is yet another quality creations by the Melnor brand. They provide innovative products which are best for the gardening and lawn maintenance. We got the XT Turbo Oscillating Watering Sprinkler for you guys. They are one of those committed manufacturers who believe in providing the best to the users.

This XT Turbo comes with a unique precision which provides the best watering performance. With the flow control integrated with the main system, you can get the right kind of adjustability here. Do you have large space to water? Then get this Melnor sprinkler which is capable of watering an area upto 4000 square feet! It is almost the size of a standard basketball court.

Huge Area Coverage! 

You already read that this Melnor Turbo can easily water an area as large as a basketball court! This makes it almost 75′ long and 53′ wide. Using the control levers provided on this sprinkler, you can reduce the length or the width range quickly. You can adjust the range using the patented One-Touch mechanism on this Melnor Sprinkler.

Adjustability remains the best quality of all. 

Using the width controlling levers, you are getting the adjustability feature added. Isn’t it?

It does not matter whether you got a small, large or medium sized lawns, you can still make this Melnor XT Turbo work for you in the best way.

Energy Saver too! 

The motor running behind the machine works with the right precision too. It can evenly water the garden both on low as well as high water pressure. While the transmission gear comes with a magic feature, where you can go as low as seven times to get the right amount of torque – with keeping the energy loss in check. This way you can water the lawn area, with the best energy efficient solution.

Overall Summary

This Best Seller Amazon product is indeed a bang-on deal for all looking out for the quality product at the cheapest rate! You will find five types of sprinklers under this product category with varying number of adjustments and other features. It is our favorite pick among all! To know more details regarding the price and customer reviews, you can find them out on Amazon!

#2 Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler

Nelson Raintrain Traveling SprinklerNelson systems are defined as something which is ‘free of defects and the best workmanship.’ We are talking about the Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler. It is resistant to chip and comes with a powder coated body on it. This sprinkler is capable of covering almost 13,500 square feet of area.

While it is has got an average distance covered upto 200 feet. The spraying arms made of aluminum comes with a range of 15 feet to 55 feet in diameter. Here the main construction is done using the casting iron, and they are found to be of the long-lasting nature.

Finally, there are three-speed settings which go from slow, fast, and the neutral one (self-propelled).

Nelson is known for Reliability and Durability

They have been part of the industry for more than 65 years now. So many homeowners have benefited with the Nelson products till date. This Raintrain makes use of the force of the water for moving around in the lawn area. It can travel upto 200 feet easily and cover almost 13,500 feet square area.

Brief on the Working

On this sprinkler, the main driving force is the pressure of the water. Therefore, the sprinkler depends on the pressure of the water from the garden hose, which drive the large wheels on the back side of the sprinkler. Depending on the way the garden hose is laid, the Raintrain follows the same path while operation.

The Auto Shut-off feature

It helps you with controlling the water used, and also prevents the water wastage. With this smart utility, you can turn on the system and leave it behind. It will operate by itself for a while, and turn off with the auto shut-off function present with this.

As soon as the sprinkler sense change on the surface, it will shut down automatically. Definitely a cool feature!

Spraying Arms are Adjustable

You can change the position and adjust them according to your demand. For example; if you wish to cover a distance of 15 foot surrounding the sprinkler, then place the arms in a downward position. If you want to cover a space of 55 foot, then set the spraying arms at an angle of 30 degrees. Then continue with the processing!

If the atmosphere is windy and still want to work with this sprinkler, then place them in a horizontal position.


Looking back into the history of the Nelson brand, we can assure the performance and quality of their product. Along with this Raintrain Sprinkler, you will get 3 or 4 types of different sprinkler systems.

You can check out the Rotary or the Pulsating type of sprinklers as well. So, here we can say you will get a wide variety of choices to choose from. Go through each one of them, and choose the best suitable or liked!

#3 Orbit 58322 Traveling Water Sprinkler

Orbit 58322 Traveling Water SprinklerWe got Orbit 58322 Sprinkler which is a self-propelled unit, that comes with three power settings on it – High, Low and Neutral. With a 5/8 inch garden hose, it will follow the shape of the hose in the way it is laid out by you.

They feature spraying adjustable arms like the one we found in the previous product. The spraying arms can cover a distance range from 15 feet to that of 55 feet length.

It is made up of rust-proof material which is highly durable. You can be sure of the stability offered to you on this Travelling Sprinkler. With the adjustable spraying arms, the user can set the unit according to the need and the weather demand.

Automatic Shut-Off feature

This is a must feature on all the sprinklers, and why not? It helps you with saving water and also reduces the power bills! You can set the hose at any of the ramp stop location. As soon as the plunger contacts the ramp stop, it shuts down and stops the sprinkler movement.

Tough Built Quality 

Built quality is found to be exceptionally great, and it is built to last for years to come. Also, the main body is made of cast iron, and it is rightly weighed. Weight is one of the crucial parameters for a sprinkler, as it can hinder the easy movement of the watering sprinkler.

Sprinkler is Self-Propelled

Set the sprinkler on the top of any 5/8 feet garden hose, and arrange them in any pattern you want to set. The force of the water depends on the water pressure at your place. With the water force, you can set the sprinkler to spray the water at a distance of 200 feet along the path of the hose.


This is the best choice for those who have got large lawns. If you have got 200 feet of hose, then it can cover a distance of 13,500 square feet of distance surrounding the sprinkler. Can you believe that? Well, it is possible with this Orbit 58322 Sprinkler system. You can make use of this watering sprinkler for small as well as large spaces.

#4 Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Watering Sprinkler

Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Watering SprinklerTo start with, Rain Bird is the inventor of Impact Sprinklers. They are into the production of high-quality brass impacts for a quality time now. This 25PJDAC model can be adjusted in the form of a full circle or a part circle so that you can get the best space covered with water.

It is found to be the best brass impact currently found in the industry. You will get infinite ways for adjusting the water spraying equipment on this sprinkler. Also to add, here the guiding arm on the sprinkler comes with a water-saving PJ spray! Thus you can get the best water saving system, among all the available sprinkler units.

Some History on the Design and Making

In the year 1933, Rain Bird’s first ever sprinkler based on the impulse action was released. The major point about this invention was that they used the technologies and durability factor keeping the future use in mind.

This Rain Bird 25PJDAC is designed keeping in mind the 1933 model only. Here the major part of the construction is covered by brass, stainless steel, and bronze.

Other Major Features

The water saving PJ spray setting prevents the water wastage. This utility also helps you to reduce the unnecessary splashes on the walls surrounding the lawn area. So no wasteful sprays allowed on the Rain Bird Brass Impact sprinkler.

With the help of the diffuser screw, water is converted into water droplets. Finally, you will find a uniform watering for your yard. They also allow the sprinkler to get the radius reduced by almost 25%! This results in an effective water shower.

We already mentioned that it is the number one brass impact sprinkler, among all available in this category. It comes with an easy installation process.


It is easy to install, and with the diffuser screw, you can convert the water into small droplet kind. This helps with getting a lot of space covered with water. You can never go wrong with this Sprinkler, as it is efficient as well as saves a lot amount of water for you.

#5 Gilmour Heavy-Duty Adjustable Circular Sprinkler

Gilmour Heavy-Duty Adjustable Circular SprinklerIf you wish to have a beautiful garden at your place, then it is important to water the plants regularly. With the unique shape and design of the sprinkler, you can get the watering done for a wide space area easily. Here the base is made up of heavy-duty die-cast metal, while the construction is done using the durable brass and zinc material.

Gilmour has been providing products for more than 100 years now. They are the believers of best service and innovation for the consumers. All the manufacturing is done keeping all the environmental factors in check. We will find out more about this Heavy-Duty Adjustable Sprinkler in the following section.

There are various settings available which help you with controlling the distance, spraying options. Here you can even set different rotational settings too.

Long-Lasting Built 

Well, the main built of this Gilmour product is made using zinc and brass material. The base of the sprinkler is made using the die-cast metal base, which makes it more stable while in operation. With the help of the swivel coupling, you can get the hose and the sprinkler connected strongly.

Spraying Controls

With the help of your fingertips itself, you can easily adjust the way water is sprayed. It can change from heavy water stream into a fine mist kind of spray. All this is made possible using some fingertip movement only.

Rotation Setting

On the collar portion of the sprinkler’s head, you will find one lever. When you simply push the lever down, you can easily sprinkle the water at any circle area. When the lever is pushed upwards, you can set the sprinkler head to make a full circle rotation.


Considering the cost of the unit, this Gilmour Circular Sprinkler is a cool deal you have got! With this, you will get a full coverage of 5800 square feet space. You can even adjust the spraying style from partial to full circle type.

#6 Lawn Sprinkler Rotary Three Arm Water Sprinkler

Lawn Sprinkler Rotary Three Arm Water SprinklerNext, on the list, we have got the China made Lawn Sprinkler which comes with three arm design. This Rotary Three Arm Watering Sprinkler runs on the Hydraulic drive mechanism. The most surprising part is the cost of the product, which is considered very low compared to other systems in this category.

The sprinkler can spray water for a distance about 60 to 70 square meter. It is easy to operate, and even the setup can be done quickly. You will also get a 360° rotation feature in here.

With all the effective features and the rotational settings, the task can be easily get done using this Lawn Sprinkler.

We would like to list out some of the basic sprinkler specifications found with this Lawn Sprinkler. They are as follows:

  1. Product Dimension- 100×205 in mm
  2. It works on the principle of Hydraulic Drive.
  3. The maximum spraying distance is found to be 8-10 meters.
  4. Here the area covered with the spraying falls in the range of 60-75 m².
  5. Spray directions can vary from 45° to 90°. You can choose the one which is suitable to your need.

That’s all with the specifications; we will now quickly list out the Key Benefits included with this Water Sprinkler. They are listed below:

  • Found to be effective with the style of sprinkling adopted in here.
  • The system is a time saver, and it is also easy to operate for any user.
  • With the help of this system, you can water your lawn area, any crop, garden. This can even be used for giving a cool shower to your kids during the summer.
  • You will find high-quality engineering done on the base part of this sprinkler.
  • Even with the double water inlet setting, you can save a good amount of water using this Lawn Sprinkler model.

It comes with a full money back guarantee, so if at any point you find the product faulty, then you can return it to the company and get the complete amount refunded. Confirm about all the warranty features before proceeding with the purchase.

#7 Melnor 15404 4 Turbo Spike-360 Degree Rotary Sprinkler

Melnor 15404 4 Turbo Spike-360 Degree Rotary SprinklerDoes Melnor as a brand need any introduction? They are the ones to introduce the oscillating sprinklers in the year 1946. Since then, they are known as the producers of different sprinklers that can come to use for many watering needs.

Melnor believes in providing quality products so that you all can maintain beautiful gardens at your place. We have got the Melnor 15404 Rotary Sprinkler, which is an ideal solution for dealing with large lawn spaces. This machine does not make much noise so, it won’t create any disturbance to your neighbors.

We have got a Spike spaced Sprinkler, which can be easily dug into the hard soil surface. On this, you can connect multiple units, and perform the same operation with a uniform sequence.

The Working 

There are mainly four parts found in a Melnor 15404 Spike-360 Degree, which we will list out and explain to you.

We will begin with the Slide Spray Deflector which helps with changing and setting the suitable diameter to be covered.

Secondly, you will find a set of yellow rings on the neck portion. They are used for setting the suitable Spraying Angle. The spraying range goes from 20° to 360° so that you can choose the one required by you.

There is an End Cap portion, below the yellow rings. You need to remove the cap and connect your garden hose pipe for installing the Sprinkler in series.

The fourth final section consists the Mesh Filter. This falls in between the yellow rings and the End Cap portion. You need to unscrew this portion from the sprinkler head, rinse it, and then place it back on the Sprinkler setup.


This is the most uniquely designed sprinkler which we have come across so far. You can get them in 4 or 6 pattern styles, opt for the one which suits your need. This product is backed by a lifetime warranty by Melnor itself, and it is available for a limited time only.

#8 Lawn Sprinkler (Newly Upgraded) Pathonor Impact Sprinkler Garden Sprinkler

Lawn Sprinkler (Newly Upgraded) Pathonor Impact Sprinkler Garden SprinklerWe have got the Pathonor Water Sprinkler for you, and this is the newly updated version of their last release. Here the base is found to be of the stable quality, and this is achieved because of the additional weight added to the base! Making it more strong than before.

One highlight of this sprinkler is that it can cover a quality amount of distance with the sprinkling in this. You can easily cover up a distance of 35 feet using this Impact Sprinkler. Also, you can connect hose sprinklers one by one for increasing the overall sprinkling space.

They have got a friendly customer care team as well, so in case you face any difficulty you can contact them directly through their official email-id or any other contact number.


For the installation, you will require one American Hose for completing the setup. If you have connected this machine with the black adapter, then you need to initially screw it off, and later connect it to the American Hose.

Upgraded Garden Sprinkler

The Lawn Sprinkler Pathonor is made of the high-quality ABS Engineering plastic for the construction. On the base side, you will find a beautiful H-shaped built which come along with iron bars on it. They are more solid in built compared to the previous releases of this brand. Another quality present here is that it is rust-free.

It is a Multi-purpose Unit

You can make use of this Water Sprinkler for many activities. For example, you can set the sprinkler at a 15°- along with the 360-degree rotation utility. The 15 degrees offers a fixed watering feature.

This setting has shown pretty good affect for the irrigation purpose; you can even set this for watering the area on a dry day. Other additional uses include; cooling down your roof place, or simply to have fun with your pet or kids on a hot sunny day.


One working tip for you – do not use this sprinkler if you have got less water pressure. Make sure that you have connected the sprinkler heads firmly with the hose, otherwise, the head part may get off because of the high water pressure. No sort of leakage issue reported as of now. Overall a good purchase!

#9 KINGSO 360 Degree Rotating Automatic Garden Sprinkler

KINGSO 360 Degree Rotating Automatic Garden SprinklerThe material used in the making of this sprinkler is found to be PVC. In the packaging, you will find one unit of the spray head, which comes with the 360 degrees rotating feature. It is capable of spraying with keeping the diameter of 8M to 10M.

You can make use of this Garden Sprinkler for various uses like garden watering, as well as for lawn irrigation. They can come to your rescue in case you want to perform roof cooling process. They are handy and can help you to get the job done quickly.

Using this you can rotate the sprinkling head by a complete 360º. Another point to note here is that they have included most of the features found in a high-end water sprinkler.

Is it price-friendly?

The cost will come as a big surprise to you, as this sprinkler is made available at a very cheap rate. You can get it at the best price on Amazon!

Basic Specifications

  • The color of the sprinkler is found to be blue, and the sprinkling head has the feature of rotating by 360 degrees. As per some users, they found some difference in the blue shade of the product.
  • Here the shipping weight of the sprinkler is found to be 0.37 pounds.
  • The sprayer comes in the three-arm style, so you could be able to cover larger surface area than the usual sprinkler.


We found this sprinkler light in weight and comes with a durable quality. It is easy to operate, and also covers a good amount of surface area too. This is a quality buy considering the price at which it comes!

#10 Copper Water Sprinkler – Decorative Spinning Spiral

This is called the Art in Motion product, where you will find two spirals which are rotating in opposite directions. In this manner, the water gets distributed on more portion of the surface. If you have a medium sized flower area and wish to water them, then you can get this Copper Water Sprinkler for your use.

Installation of this sprinkler takes only 5 minutes! Just set it up on the ground, and hook it up with the garden hose. You are done with the setup!

Three components are delivered within the package, just set them up together using a wrench. You are done with it.


The tubing on this water sprinkler is made using real copper element. All this along with the brass fittings make it completely resistant to rust. So the unit won’t corrode quickly! You can get the best out of the unit, till it lasts. Here the spikes are made of stainless steel and come with a powder coating on the surface.

The spirals are made of pure copper, with brass fittings on it. Coming to the spraying technique, the copper tubes have got many infinite numbers of small holes on it. Through these holes, you will be able to get fine spray in the form of mist or the gentle type – the way you like it.

It is a myth that quality sprinklers are costly! You can get efficient water sprinkler system even at a decent price. KINGSO 360 Degree Rotating Automatic Sprinkler is – best you can get at the lowest price!

So, these are the Best Water Sprinklers for Lawns Reviews which we would like to recommend to our users. Did you enjoy reading out the review? Let us know what you think about our picks and choices. If you have got any suggestion regarding our writing style or any other product-related information, then feel free to share it in the space given below. For regular updates, follow Best Reviews Land.

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